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The Schmidt List Podcast

The Schmidt List is a bi-weekly show made to inform people who manage projects, build digital products and lead teams in design and technology hosted by myself, Kurt Schmidt.

I’ll be interviewing industry veterans, colleagues and bestowing my personal perspective on digital strategy, experience design, project management and software development.

Episode 3 - Managing UX

Kurt Schmidt

In this episode, I talk with Brian Rowe about design thinking, coaching user experience designers and how best work with product owners, executives, and clients as a designer.

Episode 1 - IT Transformation with Zach Hughes

Kurt Schmidt

In the first episode I’m talking with Zach Hughes the Director of IT Development & Operations. CHS a Fortune 100 company located in Minnesota. He also has a fantastic blog at ZachOnLeadership.com where he has many great articles about leadership in IT development.

If you have any thoughts to share or questions to ask on the subject, I’d love to discuss them on the show. Please find me on Twitter @KRTS and thank you for listening.

An Introduction

Kurt Schmidt

Welcome to the Schmidt List!

This podcast is dedicated to the folks that manage projects, build and design products and lead teams in technology.

Each episode I'll be sharing interviews with leaders and providing my own perspective on what makes a successful leader in technology and design.